April Round Up

Changing the goal posts

We’ve all been there: purple faced with the effort, beads of sweat converging into one large droplet that falls from your nose tip in movie-like slow-motion, before it hits the floor, bursting in a dramatic splatter pattern. Your muscles are screaming in hell-fire agony, but you’ve got the bit between your clenched teeth now, steely-eyed in your determination…Three… Come on, dig deep… Two… Don’t quit now… ONE!

You drop the weights and exhale dramatically; totally spent, elated, that was everything you had – your maximum effort. You won’t even be able to raise your arms to wash your hair in the shower, and you’ll feel that smug “good pain” of well-worked muscles for days.

…And then the Rocky theme tune building to a crescendo in your head is rudely interrupted by the excessively chirpy voice of the instructor, “Great job, shake it out, have some water, 30 seconds then we’ll go straight into round 2”

What the m@therf*cking what? Round 2!?!

I’m about to be that excessively chirpy voice here… When we set our fundraising target, we picked £5,000 because it felt significant enough to be a real contribution, it fit in with our 5 theme and we thought it’d be just about doable by the end of the year.

In reality, you lot have proven yourselves to be an incredibly generous bunch. We ended March within touching distance of our £5,000 target, and by the first week in April, we’d pushed right through it! As I write this we’ve just crossed the £8,000 mark and we have a couple more ideas up our sleeves for later in the year that should give us more of a boost. So, we’re changing the goal posts… We’re going to try to raise £5,000 for each of our chosen charities: Sands & Tommy’s.

The split at the moment is as follows:

Sands:             £4,446

Tommy’s:             £3,618

So if you want to do something and have yet to sign up – give Tommy’s a boost!

New Challengers and Completers!

The mighty mountaineers conquered Carauntoohil despite driving winds, snow, hail, sleet, a very, very cold summit, and a few very scary moments! Team Ben, Lian, Abigail & Poppy pledged their sandcastle challenge and completed it (in style) despite the ugly weather. Clea decided her marathon wasn’t enough running and has taken on another 5 x 10k runs for us!

Charity Update

HUGE month for Tommy’s as they opened Europe’s largest research centre dedicated to preventing early miscarriage. The centre aims to help 24,000 women a year through treatment, support and offering places in pioneering research studies. You can read all about it here.

Sands announced a new chief executive, Clea Harmer, a qualified doctor, former head of NCT, with a personal connection to Sands. April was a great month for fundraising too with over 70 people running the London Marathon for them. In April, Sands conducted a survey to hear about parents’ experiences of the internal hospital review, following the death of their baby. The results of this will help them to advocate better on the needs and wishes of parents. We look forward to hearing the feedback from that survey in due course.

Thanking all of you for your support, eager participation and endless enthusiasm for our project. Our little boy is making huge waves.

Remember, the 5 for 5 Challenge is designed for anyone of any age, in any condition, from anywhere in the world. It’s a completely personalised event. If you want to take part, but haven’t yet pledged, go here and get started! Any challenge big or small is warmly welcomed. If you’re stuck for inspiration, take a look at our ideas page.

We’d also appreciate spreading the word on your social media networks. Join our Facebook group and follow us on twitter.

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