Climb Every Mountain…

The title of this challenge might have you imagining me in spiky boots, wielding a pick axe in each frost bitten hand, with icicles forming in my nostrils (although I’d really prefer if you didn’t focus on my nose – thank you Clifford genes) struggling to breathe through the thinnest layers of the upper atmosphere…

Whilst that might not be QUITE right, I’ll still be walking uphill, for a really, really long time… possibly even drinking out of a tin cup… So read on and wish me luck!

For my 5 for 5 Challenge I will be attempting to climb the highest peaks in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland:

  1. Scafell Pike, England – 3209 feet
  2. Carrauntoohil, Ireland – 3406 feet
  3. Ben Nevis, Scotland – 4409 feet
  4. Snowdon, Wales – 3560 feet
  5. Slieve Donard, Northern Ireland – 2790 feet

With very little mountain climbing experience (actually, zero mountain climbing experience…), and with the sound of my leg bone cracking still ringing in my ears from the last time I was on a mountain – this is certainly a push! I’ll be training for the first few months of 2016 with a view to reaching my first summit in April. I will have company along the way, to save me from my notoriously terrible sense of direction and distract me from blistered feet and burning muscles…

Walking feels like the perfect way to mark Seamus’s fifth anniversary. I will never forget in those desperate early days, waiting for the rain, so that I could walk without fear of bumping into anyone who might ask the dreaded question, “Where’s the baby?” It was a very literal putting one step in front of the other – trying to move forward through something I had never imagined could happen… as naïve as that sounds now.

I shudder to think of the families whose worlds will be shattering today as they lose their much loved, desperately wanted baby… and those yesterday, and those tomorrow. So I’m raising the money for Sands, who work so tirelessly to support those families, and campaign to save the lives of over 100 babies who die in this country every week.

I’d be grateful if you could dig deep for this mighty cause.

And as I walk these five peaks, I know you’ll be with me through every step little guy xx

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