How does it work?

How does it work?


Step 1: Pledge

Go to the 5 for 5 Challengers team page to donate your £5*. Here, you will find links to our Sands Pledge Page and our Tommy’s Pledge Page. Decide which one to donate your fiver to – or both if you’re feeling generous! In the donation comments, tell us what your challenge will be. Publicly declaring your pledge will push you towards succeeding (I find the fear of public failure can be very motivating…)

*Feel free to add a few zeros…

Step 2. Recruit

This is the most important part of the challenge, so here is where we need most help. We are asking all challengers to sign up five more people to join the campaign. By signing on five new challengers, your £5 donation quickly becomes £30, and the campaign gets ever closer to its target. Get your office or workplace involved, post like mad on social media, talk about your challenge as much as possible, call in favours, rope in mates… Their challenge need not be epically big or time consuming, can be designed around their day, their commitments and their own personal goals… Everyone is welcome!

Step 3. Get Cracking!

Join our Facebook page to keep us up to date on your progress. Post to tell us about your challenge, why you’ve chosen it, and to celebrate completion!


If you can raise funds through sponsorship of your challenge, please create your own JustGiving page, linking it to the 5 for 5 Challengers team page. You will be able to track your progress individually as well as the team’s £5000 target.

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