Ideas: An Outdoors-y Challenge!

As much as I love London with all its bustle, opportunity and 24 hour convenience, getting out to Box Hill for a bit of training this weekend reminded me how restorative it is to get outside somewhere green every once in a while.

If you’re feeling the claustrophobia of the tube, that lower back ache from a non-functioning spinning chair, or if you’re developing a slightly worrisome squint from all that screen time, why not fill those lungs with some non-city air and swap the sofa for a whiskey round the camp fire?

Take a look at this guy’s website for inspiration – Alistair Humphreys. He was named National Geographic’s Adventurer of the year for his “Microadventures” – these are short, affordable, close to home mini adventures for anyone who needs a push away from the desk and back to nature.

If you can’t commit to a weekend or an overnight, you can still try something new, or resurrect an old childhood favourite. Enlist FIVE friends and go for one of these:

  • Caving (Do not watch “The Descent” beforehand)
  • Canoeing / Kayaking / White water rafting (Do not watch “Deliverance” beforehand)
  • Wake Boarding (Do not watch any of the “Jaws” movies beforehand)
  • Pitch & Putt (Do not watch “Caddyshack”… Ever)

As always, don’t forget to pledge your challenge, get 5 others involved, then dig out that anorak.

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