Ideas Page


We find that the best place to get ideas of what to do is looking at what others are already doing – take a look at the pledge pages for Tommy’s and Sands.

Still needing inspiration? Look no further…

  • Lose 5 lbs
  • Run 5k
  • Go vegan for 5 weeks
  • Plant 5 trees
  • Complete 5 triathlons
  • Cut 5 inches off your hair to donate
  • Commit to 5 days of volunteering
  • Sell 5 of your own creations (eg. paintings / poems / handmade crafts)
  • Go 5 weeks without chocolate / booze / cigarettes
  • Complete 5 skydives
  • Knit 5 blankets for your local NICU
  • Ski 5 black runs
  • Try 5 new things you’ve never done before
  • Organise 5 bake sales / pub quizzes
  • Read 5 more books than you read last year
  • Publish 5 articles
  • Run 500 miles over 2016
  • Swim 5k
  • Get on TV 5 times
  • Learn 5 new songs on your guitar / piano / drums
  • Complete your first 5 Parkruns / mud runs / color runs
  • Donate 5 care packages to those in need (e.g. refugees, homeless)
  • Audition 5 times
  • Cycle 5000 miles over 2016

Keep an eye on this website and our Facebook page where we will be posting featured challenges for further inspiration. Here are a few to get you started:

To boost your chances of success, we recommend choosing something you really want to achieve, pledging it publicly and getting a friend to do it with you. If you have something in mind but are unsure of how to fit it around the theme of five, contact us and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Good luck!

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