Picture this:

It is getting close to 3am. John and I are sitting at our kitchen table, squinting into the glow of our laptops and we have reached the point where listening to the sound of each other’s breathing is pissing each other off. We are bone-tired, heavy hands hitting the keyboard like bunches of bananas, and we have been repeating the same LIE to each other for the last four nights: “Another hour should do it – two max.

It was so NOT supposed to be like this.

We sit in seething silence, punctuated only by the sound of John popping yet another M&M and crunching it like a fucking car crusher.

No, we are not going through marital issues.

We are …building a website. (I am grateful for the knowing nods, grave faces and shudders of horror from all those readers who have walked this path before us…)

5 for 5 Challenge Website Building

Luckily, that was last night. We eventually made it to launch at about 3am this morning!

So, without further ado, John and I warmly invite you to explore our new website. I won’t say anything more about our passion project, as if we’ve done it right, it should give you all the information you need.

We’d appreciate likes, shares and ideally, becoming a worldwide phenomenon.


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